The foundation 

Our design process is simple.  What do you want your memorial to say about you?  From simple and elegant to a modern laser etched design, your imagination is the only limit.  

We have a design catalog of over 2000 selections to help you find the one just right for your memorial.  Once a design has been decided upon we will then mock up the memorial on our CAD program.  This may sometimes take a day or two.  When finished we will mail, email, text, or you can simply come in and we will look at your memorial.  It is important that you take the time to proof read the print out to insure accuracy.  

We try and make buying a memorial as easy as possible.  With our brand new indoor show room you will never have to stand outside in the cold rain, snow, or blazing hot sun to shop for a memorial.  

If our well stocked show room does not have the memorial you want we have many other resources on site to help you find the right one.  If you are after something completely custom we can do that as well.  

Our Process.

​Shireman Memorials

Your memorial is made right here in Pike County using granite sourced from all over the world.  That's right our shop is in Pittsfield and you can come visit it if you would like.  Once your design in approved we will begin work on your memorial. It all starts by cleaning and sometimes shaping the granite to the desired size and shape.  

Next we apply stencil to the granite.  This stencil is cut in the shape of your names, dates and other information.  

Finally we will carve, sandblast, or etch your stone.  The entire process from approval to setting in the cemetery may take 6-8 weeks depending on the weather, granite used, design, and several other factors.

Once your design is approved the hard work for us begins.  We will usually meet with your cemetery sexton to determine the location of your memorial.  Once we have done that it is time for us to dig and pour your foundation.  Just like a house, a good foundation is the key to your memorial lasting for generations to come.  We pride ourselves in our foundations, and our crew has over 35 years of experience pour and setting memorial foundations.  

Making Your Memorial.