Number of names to appear on the stone.

The size of your memorial will depend on how much information you want on it.  Stones under 3ft in width are generally only used for a single person.  There can be exceptions but space gets tight.

Another thing to consider is design.  If you'd like a full scene or an elaborate design a larger stone my be needed.  Also if you would like children or grandchildren's names the extra room is important.  


Design also influences price.  For example a stone with a rough top and sides will cost less than one that is all polished.  

At Shireman Memorials we include design elements like corner designs (for example roses or humming birds) in our price.  We also include basic letter such as first name, middle name, last name, dates that we know, and the last name on the back.  The only extra design elements you will pay for are photos, laser etchings, or full scenes.   

Selecting a Memorial and Examples of our work

​Shireman Memorials


The first thing I am always asked is what does a memorial cost?  That's like asking what does a car cost?  Memorials like cars come in many shapes and sizes, with different options and features.  I tell everyone somewhat jokingly you can get a memorial from $200 to $2,000,000.  

Color is one of the main determining factors in a memorial.  Grays will be least expensive, they come from here in the US generally and they are abundant.  This means they cost less than other colors.  Blacks are generally imported these days and come from India.  India black is very high quality and the cost reflects that.  Expect to pay a good 20-30% and sometimes more for black.  

Other popular colors are bahama blue, Mohogany, India Red, and Mt. Rose.  Their prices generally fall in between black and gray.  We of course offer many other colors so stop in and have a look.