​Shireman Memorials

Mahogany.  Another classic staple in the industry.  Mahogany. offers a great earthy color with a nice contrast for lettering. 

Selecting a color for your memorial does not have to be difficult.  We generally keep our showroom stocked with the most popular colors, and have samples of nearly every memorial color.   Below are some popular examples. 

Bahama Blue is another imported granite.  It has a wonderful color that depending on the light may have blues, purples, and other colors in it's graining.  It offers high contrast if panels are desired or we can simply sand blast the names into the granite without the use of panels.  It is a very versatile granite.   

India Jet Black is a high quality granite that allows for many lettering options.  It's the best color to laser etch on for that photo realistic scene or family photo.

Georgia Gray has been a staple in the granite industry for decades.  It's a high quality granite that is perfect for budget minded buyers as well as more elaborate projects.